Need a fresh Kick$tart with your cash?

At IMB, we reckon that a bank should be more than just a place you stash your cash. We want to make sure our customers have the info and skills they need to make smart financial decisions, now and in the future. We’re here to help you reach your goals, all the way down the line.

These online learning units are made to help you learn the essentials you’ll need to manage your own money with confidence. All that stuff you never learned in school (and don’t really want to ask anyone)? You’ll find it here. Work though ’em at your own pace, any time.

Start with the legal stuff below, then get going!

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Saving for your goals

Now that you’re in charge of your own money, saving for your goals means a bit more than putting aside a few bucks for the latest toy. This unit will show you how to set realistic goals, and how to balance saving money with your social life.


Buying your first car

Buying your first car might not be as far away as you think. This unit will teach you how to scope out the market, make your car loan repayments, and budget for everything from petrol to maintenance.


Budgeting Tips

Making ends meet when you’re young is hard; you’re juggling work and a social life (and maybe study) while trying to establish your independence. This unit shows you the easiest ways to manage your income and expenses on a daily basis.


Leaving home

Are you really ready to move out of home?! Find out more about the costs and challenges of moving out of your parents’ place. This unit covers up front and ongoing expenses you might not have considered.


Your credit history

Do you know what your credit score is – or for that matter, what your credit history means? This unit explains why your credit rating impacts your ability to borrow, plus how to get your hands on your own credit file info.


HELP loans

Planning to study? Already graduated? Wherever you’re at, you need to know what your HELP loan is all about. This unit covers the basics of HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP loans, including the long term costs, and the rules for paying it all back.


Super – its your money

Chances are you don’t think about your super much – you probably don’t even know how much you’ve got. But it’s time to start paying attention. Take this unit to find out what super is, and why you should care about it – especially when you’re young.


Managing your credit card

Getting your first credit card once you turn 18 is a big deal. This unit gets you ready by teaching you how credit cards really work, and how to make your card work for you – not the other way round.


Managing your time

Ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day for everything you need to get done? This unit will leave you stressing less and feeling better about your time management skills.


Buying your first home

Whether your first home is just around the corner or several years away, it’s good to be prepared. This unit covers the basics of buying your first home, from saving the deposit to borrowing costs you might not have thought of.


General insurance

This unit is an overview of the most common types of insurance. It covers all the basic definitions and jargon, plus practical tips on the impact of underinsurance and how to actually make a claim.


Top 10 stress-busters

Everyone faces stress to some degree, and there’s so much conflicting info out there on how to deal with it. This unit covers ten of the best tried-and-tested ways to manage stress levels.